How different is GoJournal from Daily Notes app?

The all-new GoJournal is a modern-day journaling app that is designed to make journaling easier. With GoJournal, you can create journals, dated entries, maintain a calendar with all your memories, and more. Keep reading to find out how Daily Notes 2 differs from Daily Notes 1.


What's New?

Tabs are now Journals

Create multiple journals for your work, travel, book reviews, or even a fitness journal


Templates for your fast-paced life

Instead of having to write everything from scratch, GoJournal gives you pre-curated templates that reduce your time spent on the phone. Quickly log your journal for the day with the Begin and End Day templates and keep moving!


Record memories with Audio Journals

With GoJournal, you can record audio journals so that you can enjoy your life and reminisce these moments years later.


Keep track of all your moments

With the sleek Calendar view, go back in time and view all your memories from the past or set goals for the future. It's as simple as that.


Import images from Unsplash

Can't find the perfect picture for your journal? Find it from hundreds of stock photos on Unsplash, right within the GoJournal app.


What's common between the two apps?

Import or scan documents

Import your flight tickets right into the app to keep track of all your travel documents. Never lose another important file!


Add images and sketch your thoughts

Take pictures of your travel, projects, and everyday happenings. Draw, color, and edit your sketches. Easily chronicle your thoughts and ideas with GoJournal.

Hashtag for Tags

When you write something in a journal with a # before it, it automatically registers as a tag. You can use these tags to filter your journals and look for them later through the search bar.


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