iCloud Sync Issues? Here’s how to troubleshoot

Are you facing any of the following issues with your GoJournal app –

  • iPhone is not syncing with the data on your iPad?
  • iCloud is turned ON both inside the app Settings & and in the iPad Settings as well but the data is not synced yet?
  • Some of your notebooks are showing a ‘circle’ / loading gesture on them and it never finishes this process?

You can fix the above-mentioned iCloud sync issues by following the steps mentioned below –

  • Restart all your connected devices, as this usually fixes any minor issues
  • Make sure iCloud Drive is enabled on all the devices using the same Apple ID
  • In the Settings app of your iPad->iCloud, ensure that “iCloud Drive” is enabled for the app
  • Use the same Apple ID/ iCloud account on all your devices. Open the Settings app of your iPad-> go to “iCloud”->verify that the same account is shown on each device
  • Ensure that iCloud Drive can avail cellular data as well if you're not on WIFI. If you’re using cellular data, see if iCloud and Noteshelf have permission to use cellular data (Settings -> Cellular)
  • Make sure there is enough free space on your device & in your iCloud account. And that there is no ‘Pending’ action in the iCloud section of the Settings app on your iPad 
  • Finally, try turning off and re-enabling the iCloud to see if the notes sync back properly
    You can do this via the iPad’s Settings app->Your iCloud account->iCloud->Scroll down to the GoJournal app and toggle the switch off & on. Please, do not do this from within the in-app iCloud setting, as that will cause duplicate entries when you later enable the iCloud again from within the app (one local & one iCloud copy).

You can always make sure of your iCloud backups via the Settings app on your iPad->under your iCloud account->Manage storage -> GoJournal app -> Documents. If you have any questions/suggestions, reach our support via in-app option. 

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